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It’s easy to finance your Peugeot

Buy a new or used Peugeot with our financing solutions tailor-designed to match your budget and your vehicle use. This service is offered by Peugeot Finance and Credipar.

The L.O.P.

Lease your vehicle... and why not purchase it. Use a new vehicle by paying lease payments: This is known as Lease with an Option to Purchase (L.O.P.).


With the L.O.P benefit from a tailor-designed financing solution:

  • attractive lease payments adapted to vehicle use
  • a financing solution, with or without a personal contribution
  • the opportunity to purchase the vehicle after the 12th lease payment by applying the intermediary options to purchase
  • the opportunity to own the vehicle at contract term by settling the option to purchase.
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Traditional financing

It’s easy to finance your vehicle with traditional financing: a no-surprises solution tailored to your needs.


Take advantage of a flexible and simple solution with our traditional financing:

  • financing with or without personal contribution, to pay 100% of your new or used vehicle
  • choose the repayment duration, with monthly installments that match your budget
  • choose your debit date

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Extra Peugeot services

le financement scooter

Scooter financing

Take advantage of Peugeot financing solutions to purchase a scooter.

Peugeot Scooters financing
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All-inclusive service packs

Peugeot proposes financing solutions and services to match your budget and your vehicle use.
All-inclusive service packs
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