Bicycle servicing

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Peugeot is also a bicycle expert

For more than a century, Peugeot has been making bicycles of acknowledged quality.
So that your bike lasts longer and so that you may ride safely, follow Peugeot’s bike servicing advice, detailed in our Bike Users’ Guide.

Quality and safety

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The Cycleurope International test centre selects all the components and ensures that the reliability and safety levels of the bike satisfy riders’ requirements.
Static and dynamic tests simulate every stress that your bike and its components are subjected to. Moreover, sensitive points are checked so that the bike complies with French standards.

Peugeot Cycles Guarantee

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Your bike is covered for all defects in parts and workmanship:

  • Rupture, fracture
  • Warping
  • Non working order

For 2 years:

  • For non-aluminium forks and frames
  • For components, for frame and fork paintwork and decor
  • For rigid aluminium frames
  • For rigid steel frames apart from toy frames

Extra Peugeot services

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Mu by Peugeot

Do you need a courtesy vehicle while your Peugeot is being serviced? 

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