Bodywork cleaning and protection packages

entretien carrosserie protection
Look after your vehicle’s bodywork

These services are perfect if you wish to give your vehicle a new lease of life and indispensible if you wish to sell.


Packages proposed:

  • Interior cleaning
  • Exterior cleaning
  • Gloss finish
  • Bodywork polishing
  • Bodywork protection treatment

Your vehicle is fully cleaned

nettoyage interieur carrosserie


From $ XX (1)
  • Vacuuming and dust removal
  • Interior plastics cleaned and treated
  • Seats and carpets shampooed
  • Leather cleaned and treated
  • Odour treatment
  • Windows cleaned.
nettoyage exterieur carrosserie


From $ XX (2)
  • Bodywork shampooed and glossed
  • Wheel rims and plastic trims cleaned
  • Engine block cleaned
  • Bodywork polished
  • Windows cleaned
  • Insects and tar removed
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Bodywork servicing


By looking after the bodywork you protect your vehicle from bad weather and miscellaneous aggressions. Peugeot proposes three services:

lustrage carrosserie


From $ XX (3)

To restore your vehicle’s brilliance:

  • 20% micro-scratches removed
  • Tar removed
renovation carrosserie


From $ XX (4)

To protect your vehicle and to restore its shine:

  • Micro-scratches removed
  • “Key marks” removed
traitement protecteur carrosserie


From $ XX (5)

Treatment that protects your vehicle’s bodywork: it offers optimal protection against external aggressions and long-lasting shine to the colour and paint.

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