mirror screen ecran tactile 108



With Mirror Screen, connect your smartphone1 to your Peugeot (108, New 208 and New Partner, according to trim level).


What is Mirror Screen?

The Mirror Screen access compatible apps from your smartphone on the touch screen of the vehicle. It is available on vehicle equipped with touch screen and with Mirror Screen function, offered as an option or as a standard regarding to the trim level.


Be safe !

Mirror Screen gives access to smartphone apps while driving, allowing to be connected and responsible at the same time.


Enjoy life !

Using Mirror Screen is simple. Just connect your smartphone to the USB port on the dashboard and then start mirroring.


With compatible apps, the road becomes more pleasant: navigation, internet radio, audio books ...


(1) For compatible smartphone models.

(2) Only MirrorLink certified apps will work while standing still or driving. However, some of their features will be inhibited while driving, for your safety.




If you have a Peugeot 108 produced in 2014 you can update the 7'' Touch Screen to benefit more compatible Smartphones and apps directly from My Peugeot.

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