Peugeot all-inclusive service packs

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Peugeot proposes 2 service packs

When you choose a pack, you benefit from an all-inclusive financing, servicing and assistance offer. Select the pack that matches your budget and your vehicle use. Take it easy and relax, Peugeot hasn’t forgotten a thing!

Peugeot Perspectives

This service pack includes:

Lease with an Option to Purchase (L.O.P.)

With this “all-inclusive” Lease with an Option to Purchase solution, drive with absolute peace of mind and change your vehicle regularly.

  • Your monthly lease payment includes the Option to Purchase your vehicle, servicing with Peugeot’s “Maintenance” Privileges Contract and a financial loss guarantee
  • With this solution you can change your car every 2, 3 or 4 years
  • As soon as you have concluded your contract, your dealer undertakes to take your vehicle back when the contract expires for an amount that is fixed in advance: no worries about reselling. If you prefer, when the contract expires, you can choose to purchase your vehicle by settling the final option to purchase.
Maintenance Privileges Contract
  • Vehicle servicing

  • Mechanical, electric and electronic defects, as well as wear part replacement, labour included

  •  Roadworthiness pretest and initial roadworthiness test for 4-year contracts

  • 24/7 assistance throughout Europe

  • The loan of a courtesy vehicle in the event of breakdown or while your vehicle is being serviced. It is provided for a maximum of 4 days, based on the availability in your sales outlet, if your vehicle cannot be repaired within one day and is lent for a maximum of one day, on the condition that you call 48 hours prior to your servicing visit.

Peugeot Financial Loss Guarantee
  • The balance to be settled is covered under your lease contract in addition to your indemnity/accident insurance

  • Your first monthly lease payment is reimbursed (up to 20% the price of the vehicle concerned)

  • A loyalty bonus premium, of 3% of the amount financed for the damaged car, is paid if you finance your new vehicle using Peugeot Financing.

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Peugeot Axess

This service pack includes:

Your vehicle financing

You enjoy perfectly transparent financial visibility:

  • You choose the amount you contribute and you may finance up to 100% of your new vehicle
  • You choose the duration of your financing
  • You choose the date for your monthly installments (calendar date)
Prevision Privileges Contract

With this contract you can benefit from:

  • Coverage for mechanical, electric and electronic defects
  • Wear part replacement, labour included
  • The loan of a courtesy vehicle in the event of breakdown for a maximum of 30 days, based on availability in sales outlets, if your vehicle is unusable for more than one day and concerns a breakdown covered by the breakdown guarantee
Peugeot Financial Loss Guarantee
This insurance covers you for 5 years. In the event of total loss or theft of your vehicle, it ensures you are paid a flat rate indemnity, in addition to your car insurance.
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