Peugeot Rapide

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Save time with Peugeot Rapide!

Choose the Peugeot Rapide package for essential vehicle servicing and benefit from 5 quality services, each carried out without an appointment in less than an hour:


  •  oil change package
  •  tyre package
  •  brake package
  •  exhaust package
  •  battery package

Your servicing visit completed in less than an hour without an appointment!

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Because we have a considerable stock of parts available on-site, we can fulfil each service in less an hour, without an appointment. From Monday to Saturday, a Peugeot technician will take care of your vehicle from the moment you leave it to the moment you pick it up.

Our commitments: expertise and transparency

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Each time your vehicle is checked, we provide you with a service report that details the points checked* and the repairs recommended.

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Our technicians only change what is necessary and explain each repair to you.

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Exactly the same as the quote given, our packages include parts, labour and a 1-year guarantee on all parts.

*Visual checks do not replace the compulsory roadworthiness test and do not anticipate non-visible defects on the date the vehicle is checked. Checklist available from your Peugeot-approved service centre.

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