Scooter servicing

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Look after your scooter well and get the most out of it!

We often forget to look after our scooters. Yet, good quality servicing ensures your safety and maintains the performances of your two-wheel vehicle.

Each scooter has a specific servicing programme that you will find in the service book or that you may request from your dealer.

Download your scooter’s servicing table by selecting its engine size: entretien scooter item 1

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Our servicing advice

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A scooter in a poor state of repair can be dangerous; so before riding off, don’t forget to:

  • check all fluid levels
  • check the tyres and how well they are inflated
  • check that there are no leaks
  • check the brakes, the throttle, all the lights, the stoplight, the indicators and the warning light

The expertise of a network

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Scooter servicing is an activity for specialists: intervention, verification, adjustments, servicing and advice on using the vehicle.

Leave your scooter with a Peugeot Scooters dealer! You can rest assured that all these operations will be carried out with the greatest care and the highest level of professionalism by technicians who benefit from regular training to keep them up-to-date on new technologies and who work with specifically adapted tools.

Extra Peugeot services

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Do you need a courtesy vehicle while your Peugeot is being serviced? 

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Your safety also depends on your driving behaviour.

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Getting the feel of your scooter

Starting the engine, parking, opening the scooter seat…

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